Costume Party Themes

Military Party Theme

Your mission: throw a fun military theme party. How you go about planning the party is up to you.

Send out military theme invitations, or create your own. Simple type a “classified” mission with all of the party details and send them to guests in envelopes marked “top secret” or “burn after reading.”

Make sure guests are informed of the dress code for the military party. Pick up a military costume or make your own uniform. Report to the army base wearing military uniforms, including a helmet, a jacket, weapons, and boots.  Paint each other's faces with black or camouflage facepaint.  Sailor, cadet, and military captain costumes for both men and women can also be found online or at a costume shop.

Host the party outdoors so guests have a chance to play strategy games.  A park with a jungle gym (for training) is an ideal location. Decorate with camouflage fabrics, American flags, and brown, black, and green balloons. Give soldiers, or guests, tasks to keep them busy, such as pitching a tent or racing through an obstacle course.  Award their bravery with medals for various activities throughout the night. The game of paintball can improve one's strategy planning and build team unity. Split party guests into teams and battle with paintguns, waterballoons, or waterguns. Other team-building activities include tug-of-war or a game of capture the flag.

The food at a military party should be camouflaged. Decorate the cake in an Army theme with soldier cake toppers. Also enjoy hot dogs, corn-on-the-cob, peanuts, and fruit kabobs. If you had out candy or gifts, put them in army-themed goodie bags. Give soldiers toy weapons, water guns, parachute men, binoculars, whistles, and flashlights as party favors.