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Dinner Party Theme


Looking for a theme idea for a dinner party? Relax, there are many routes that can be taken. Before sending off the invitations, choose a fun theme.There's nothing better than a 1950s television dinner theme party.

A '50s television theme dinner party makes for a nostalgic evening. Choose a well-known TV show from the era, such as I Love Lucy or Happy Days to grace the cover of the invitations. Whatever TV show you pick as the theme of your '50s dinner party, decorate accordingly.

Serve a fitting home-style meal, just like the good old days. This meal may include turkey, chicken or ham; pot roast; peas; mashed potatoes; gravy; meatloaf; etc. For dessert, opt for the classic apple pie. Set up the dining era around the center of the household: the television. Watch a classic TV show from the '50s or a movie set during the time period.

Jazz up the '50s television theme dinner party with some '50s costumes. Dress as major TV stars during the nifty fifties or sport the popular fashions of the day, including leather jackets with white t-shirts, bowling shirts, bobby socks, poodle or polka-dot skirts, Pink Lady jackets, rock and roll sunglasses.