Barbie Theme Party


The Barbie theme party works whether you are a Barbie fan and want to relive your childhood or you have a loved one who is obsessed with the classic American doll.

For cute invitations, send a Barbie with a Barbie lollipop attached. Barbie invitations are also available online or at a party store.

You can choose to center the party around a certain kind of Barbie, such as gymnast or bride Barbie. Invite guests to dress like Barbie and Ken dolls. Barbie costumes, tiaras, and boas are available online or at a party store or if you choose a particular theme, make your own costume.

Looking for fun activities? Set up a fashion show in which everyone can participate. Turn each party guest into a Barbie and have each person strut his or her stuff down the catwalk. Kids can entertain themselves by bringing their Barbie dolls. Just set up a Barbie play area with a Barbie doll house, tons of accessories, and Barbie clothes.

Purchase Barbie theme dinner plates, napkins, cups, bowls, and table covers.  For a girly setting, dress the tables in pink-laced linens and lavender place mats. Decorate with pink, lavender and white streamers, solid color balloons, and Barbie Mylar balloons. Print out Barbie pictures and paste them on walls.

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