Comedy Party Theme


Spread the joy of laughter with a comedy theme party.  Make ticket-like invitations asking friends to visit your comedy club. You can also purchase comedy theme party invitations at a party supply store.

Prepare for comedy night by creating a stage or performance area enhanced with spotlights, a microphone or karaoke machine, and a stool. Spread a brick wall backdrop behind the stage area to imitate the look of famous comedy clubs.  

An open-mike night is the perfect way to incorporate the crowd into the fun. Ask friends to step up to the mike to share their favorite jokes.  If party guests are too shy to do this, show a DVD of a favorite comedian.  Laugh out loud to jokes from comic legends like Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Maher or Dave Chappelle. Another option is to hire a celebrity impersonator or a local comedian to entertain the crowd, or if the budget allows, purchase tickets to a local comedy event and host the party there.

Guests can really get into their celebrity comedian impersonations with costumes to make them resemble comedy geniuses like Bill Cosby, Ellen Degeneres, Kathy Griffin, Louie Anderson, George Lopez, Dane Cook, Eddie Izzard, and Adam Sandler.

The decorations should also fit the comedy party theme. (For example, use Three Stooges or clown themed tableware.) Provide snacks such as pretzels, chicken wings and pizza, nachos, popcorn, nuts, chips, and vegetables with dips, and loosen up the crowd with cocktails. After a couple of them, they just might get up on stage.

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