Luau Party Theme


You may not be able to afford a trip to Hawaii, but you can still feel like you’re on the island with a luau theme party. For non-traditional invitations, send a lei, a message in a bottle or write the invitations of inexpensive colorful flip flops.

Make sure guests wear proper luau getup: leis, hula skirts, shell bikini tops or coconuts, Hawaiian print shirts, beach shorts, swimsuits and linen pants. Hawaiian-themed costumes are also available online or at a costume store.

Give the party a Hawaiian feel with tiki decorations. Use palm trees, grass table runners, tropical scene backdrops, tiki lights, island travel posters and colorful garlands of homemade tissue flowers. Add to the beach scene with toy crabs or lobsters, sea shells, wind chimes, wooden parrots and fish. Honor the popular Hawaiian pastime of surfing with surfboards throughout the party space and set the mood with Hawaiian music.

Once the party scene is set, start the festivities. Everyone can join the fun with activities such as hula dancing lessons, Hawaiian performers, limbo, karaoke and of course, feasting.  Besides roasted pig, incorporate other Hawaiian favorites such as spareribs, rice, Hawaiian-style beef jerky, and Spam. Wash it all down with tropical drinks, especially mai tais.  

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