Periodical Themes

20s Party Theme


A 1920s party can take you back to a time of jazz music, the flapper-style of dressing, the rise of Hollywood. Dress in 1920s fashion with flashy costumes. Men can dress in a gangster costume or wear a mobster hat, a nice shirt, cuffed trousers and black patent leather shoes, Women can wear a flapper costume with sassy accessories like sequin headbands, boas, and pearls.

The 1920s party should be decorated in '20s elegance. Achieve the look with cream and golden tones for balloons, streamers, and lights. Add a touch of elegance with a faux chandelier. Then hang Art Deco-inspired pieces or Prohibition posters throughout the room, and dress the tables in cream or white table linens set with silver candlesticks and flower centerpieces. Set up a bar area to give the party space the feel of a 1920s illegal bar, and serve Champagne, wine, and cocktails.

Jazz music’s popularity soared during the '20s.  Hire a six-piece band to get the crowd moving, or play jazz CDs and show off your swing moves! Screen a classic film, such as part silent/part talkie The Jazz Singer. Charlie Chaplin movies were also highly popular. 

For one-of-a-kind party favors, hire a photographer for the Roaring 20s party and give guests black-and-white photos or hand out copies of a '20s novel, such as The Great Gatsby.

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