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Caveman Party Theme

To party caveman style, you'll first need to create a cavelike atmosphere for the bash. Cave backdrops, brown curtains or gray paper can transform bare walls into a prehistoric hangout for your caveman-themed party. Forget furniture, cavemen sat on rocks or on the ground, so clear the party space and add brown or gray cushions and furry rugs for comfortable seating. Enhance the cave domain's authenticity with rock art. You can achieve this look with painted hand prints, cutouts or photos. Add to the caveman scene with faux animal furs, caveman cutouts, foam rocks, tropical plants and large stuffed animals. Create an outdoor feel with scattered leaves throughout the floors, fake bones, and a faux fire pit. If the party is outdoors, cozy around a fire and tell stories.

Next you'll need to transform yourself into a cave-dweller. If you're creative enough to fashion your own costume, get some animal-print or earth-toned fabric and cut it up to give it a worn look. Add accessories like faux fur, fake bones or weapons such as a caveman club or a spear, and complete the look with unkempt hair and bare feet.  Don't have time to make your own costume? Grab a Flintstones or caveman costume for your caveman shindig at a local costume shop.

Now that you're prepared for the caveman party, entertain partygoers with caveman-themed activities. Guests can watch a movie such as "The Flintstones," "Encino Man," or "Caveman," or play a caveman trivia game in which winners get caveman-themed prizes, such as a movie, fake weapons, pteradactyl toys, etc. Younger party guests can keep busy with a slingshot contest, by painting hand prints on paper or by decorating pet rocks.

After you've worked up an appetite having a blast at the caveman party, refuel with foods that can be scarfed down with one's hands, such as shish-kabobs, roasted marshmallows, Cornish game hens, trail mix, cheese and crackers, beef and vegetables, fruits, turkey legs, hard-boiled eggs, or beef jerky.
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