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Greek Mythology Party Theme


If you’ve ever been a fan of Greek gods and heroes, experience the myths for yourself with a Greek mythology-themed party. Make old-fashioned invitations using brown parchment paper. Roll it into miniature scrolls and write a message inviting all guests to dress as gods and goddesses. You can also make the party a toga party.

Before guests arrive, turn your home or party space into a Greek temple. First, cover the couch, chairs and other furniture with fabric remnants in white, purple, green and burgundy. Rent columns and statues and cover them in artificial ivy, or use a Greek mythology backdrop.

It’s easy to dress for a toga party by using sheets and artificial ivy. If you’ve got more cash to spend, find a costume online or at a party store. Need ideas? Dress as one of the Titans, or a god such as Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena, Hades, or Hera. In addition to gods, other important figures in Greek mythology include Cyclopes, nymphs, giants. Helen of Troy, King Menalaus and Hercules are a few of the important mortals. 

Once you’ve dressed the part, the party is ready to begin. Kids can pass the time by decorating Greek pottery or you can include everyone in the fun with a Greek mythology trivia game. For a more mellow evening read passages of the Greek epic poem, "The Iliad" or watch a movie based on Greek mythology.

Use cuisine inspired by the country of Greece to feed hungry guests. Try dishes like souvlakia, chicken with sweet red peppers, a spinach, bean, and feta casserole, baked stuffed calamari, or Greek salad. For a light snack, serve finger foods, such as fruit, cheese and crackers and dips. Accompany the feast with wine.

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