Periodical Themes

The 80s Party Theme


In the ‘80s there was no such thing as too much eyeliner, eyeshadow, or blush; no such thing as too much Aqua Net on your bangs; and no such thing as too many bracelets. Relive the decade of outrageous fashion with a an ‘80s theme party.

Everyone remembers what prom dresses looked like in the ‘80s. A 1980s prom or a party based on a popular ‘80s movie would make for a fun, creative party.

If you go for the ‘80s prom theme party, wear puffy '80s-style prom dresses, big hair, and lots of funky, colorful accessories. For other themes, dress in colorful '80s clothing, such as fingerless lace gloves (a la Madonna), stockings, off-the-shoulder sweaters, legwarmers, and black leather pants.  You might also consider big Scrunchies, tight-rolled jeans, hats, colorful slap bracelets, belted T-shirt dresses, and lingerie as a top.  Guys wore high-top Reebox, and acid-wash jeans.  You can also look to ‘80s music videos for an inspiration for your costume. Go for Olivia Newton John's look in the "Let's Get Physical" music video, or Michael Jackson's look in one of his videos. Costumes are also available online or at costume shops.

Glam up the party space with ‘80s-inspired decorations, which may include old cassette tapes, old movie posters, colorful balloons and streamers.  Create nostalgia with movie posters for such films as Dirty Dancing or Sixteen Candles.

Entertain guests with a break-dancing contest or performers.  You can also hire a tribute band for popular musical acts in the ‘80s, or sing karaoke. Younger guests will enjoy playing on an old video game system, with classic '80s video games like PacMan, Frogger, Donkey Kong and Asteroids.  A game of Trivial Pursuit or '80s trivia is great for adults.

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