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Psychedelic Sixties Party Theme


Ever wanted to party with such ‘60s icons as Santana, Twiggy, the Beatles, Sonny and Cher, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix? You just may get the chance with a 1960s party. Dress up in a hippie costume or imitate historic figures such as Jim Morrison, Truman Capote, Diana Rigg, the Supremes, or the Rolling Stones.

First, dress the part by picking up a costume at a local store, or creative types can make their own costumes by visiting a thrift store to find such ‘60s fashion staples as bell bottoms, short shorts, tie-dye T-shirts, go-go boots, ripped jeans, love beads, peace-sign necklaces, neon glasses, hemp bags, afros, headbands, and fringed vests. 

Give your ‘60s bash a psychedelic vibe with aromatherapy candles, incense, colored lightbulbs, beaded curtains, beanbag chairs, smiley-face balloons and lava lamps. Hippie culture permeated the era, so add some love signs, yin yang posters and peace signs. For an authentic touch, hang imitation Andy Warhol art throughout the room.

Now the party space is ready for the groovy ‘60s shindig, invite your pals over to watch a smashing 60s-themed movie, such as Apollo 13 or Austin Power, Bonnie and Clyde and Planet of the Apes. Guests will also dig watching classic TV shows like "The Brady Bunch." Then challenge guest to a ‘60s trivia game. Love to get down? Liven the mood, with 60s tunes – hire a DJ or play ‘60s records.

After you’ve worked up a sweat dancing, recharge with fondue, Buffalo wings, Life cereal, and pop tarts, which were all introduced in the 1960s. Stay true to the hippie spirit with veggie burgers, granola bars and nuts.

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