Periodical Themes

Renaissance Party Theme


Rewind time to the Renaissance Period with a Renaissance era theme party. Begin the party-planning process with the invitations. Create scroll-like invitations with brown or beige paper. Write the party information for the renaissance themed bash in calligraphy and tear the edges for an authentic look. Send a costumed messenger to deliver the invites or dress in medieval garb and speak using Renaissance lingo to deliver them yourself.

Next, clothe yourself as you would in the Medieval era by choosing which social class you want to belong to for the Renaissance party. Keep in mind that wealthy people wore clothing made from ornate fabrics with fine detail, while peasant clothing was simple. Costume ideas for partygoers include court jester, a peasant, a lord, a merchant, a knight, a lady, a bar maid, a gypsy, and of course, the king and queen. Need more ideas?  Become the town letter opener, gargoyles, dragons, mermaids, and fairies.

Take your party space back in time with renaissance-era decorations from a prop store. Make or buy a wooden sign to hang above your door that says "The Pub" or something similar in calligraphy. Then light torches in front of the entrance, and hang tapestries and shields to cover the walls.

Encourage guests to speak in Renaissance-era dialect throughout the party. Keep busy with Renaissance board games like chess and tic-tac-toe, or hire tarot card readers and gypsy belly dancers to entertain. The kiddies will have fun decorating their own shields or playing in a jousting match. If the budget allows, hire local actors to dress in authentic garb and mingle with partygoers.

A Renaissance style feast should have all the fixins’. Munch on turkey legs, chicken with spinach, and big loaves of bread with potatoes.  Guests will drink merrily from large mugs and goblets. For dessert, enjoy fruit tarts, cream flan, and walnuts. 

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