Regional Themes

Mexico Party Theme


Go on a journey south of the border with a Mexican fiesta. Get the party planning started by inviting your amigos with Mexican-themed invitations. For festive, one-of-a-kind invitations, send out sombreros with notes attached. Or, send a message in a Tequila bottle. Good old-fashioned invitations work, too.

Create a Mexican getaway atmosphere in the party space with traditional banner flags in every color. Place a Mexican flag near the entrance, and decorate using red, white, and green balloons, tissue flowers and streamers. Pinatas, cutouts, and festive chili lights, cactus lights or colorful lanterns throughout the party space make for a fun atmosphere. A Mexico theme party would also work for a Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos celebration.

Now that the decorations for the Mexico-theme party are set, partygoers can head on over. Guests should dress as something Mexican-themed, such as Flamenco dancers, lucha libre wrestlers, Aztec warriors, a taco (yes, this costume exists) or Mexican cowboys. You can also make your own costume with a sombrero, boots, and a pancho.  


Get the party started with a Mariachi band playing traditional music, a DJ spinning Latin music, or traditional flamenco dancers. Hand out maracas as party favors to liven up the fiesta.  As always, the "Macarena” gets the crowd moving. For a fun party game, make confetti eggs or cascarones, using cleaned out egg shells and confetti. Then paint the shells and hand out to guests during the party to create a fun confetti shower by breaking them over each other’s heads.

Feast on Mexican cuisine such as enchiladas, chile rellenos, tortas, burritos, menudo, tacos, and chips with guacamole or salsa. Gulp it down with margaritas or Horchata for the kids.
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