Regional Themes

Japan Party Theme


You’ll feel as if you’ve journeyed to Japan with a Japan theme party. Use Japenese-inspired invitations to ask friends along on the trip. For one-of-a-kind invitations, send cranes, the Japanese symbol of long-lasting life. You can also send Japanese lanterns or postcards.

Enjoy the cuisine of Japan by hosting the party at a Japanese restaurant. Create a Japanese environment with low tables, oriental screens, Bonsai trees, paper lanterns, flower arrangements and Japanese music.

 Serve sushi or other Japanese favorites such as teriyaki chicken and rice with steamed vegetables. Encourage guests to eat with chopsticks. You can also have a Japanese restaurant cater for the party. For dessert, enjoy ginger ice cream. Serve traditional Japanese teas and sake.

As the saying goes, “When in Rome…”, so make the party more authentic with Japanese theme costumes. Need ideas? Try dressing as a Samurai warrior, a Sumo wrestler, Geisha girl, an emperor, or ninja.

Keeps guests entertained with Japanese dancers in traditional dress and. You can also take dancing lessons or use a video to guide you. As always, karaoke makes for a fun night!

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