Seasonal Themes

Halloween Party Theme


For a spooktacular Halloween party, start with frightful invitations. Pick some up at a local store, or make homemade invites with black and orange paper, stickers, glitter or whatever strikes your fancy.

There are many routes to consider when planning a Halloween bash: a haunted house, graveyard or mausoleum theme; a Victorian-era vampire theme; an Adams Family party theme; etc.Adult parties can be more fun in pairs; couples and friends pair up for a character couple/group costume contest. Think Romeo and Juliet, Sonny and Cher, Tom and Jerry; the Seven Dwarves. A fun twist to the costume contest can be the gender switch contest, in which men dress as women and vice versa.

Once the theme for the Halloween party is set, you'll have more direction on where to go with the décor. Create your own haunted house by transforming each room/area in the party space into a themed haunted room, such as the Deranged Doctor room, the haunted graveyard, the Creepy Dolls room, etc. Outside of the party, spread faux spider webs, illuminate the walking paths with luminaries, and place carved pumpkins throughout. Skeletons, graveyard signs, spiders and other Halloween decorations are nice touches, too.

Children's Halloween parties should have plenty of entertainment to keep the kids happy. A clown or magician can be fun features, but also makes sure to have ample treats for them, including cupcakes, candy and punch. Try to incorporate healthy snacks in the mix, too: apple slices, crackers, cheese, vegetables. Don't forget to capture the night with lots of pics of the kids in costumes.

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