Sports Theme

Golf Party Theme


Planning a party for the golf enthusiast in your life? Golf-theme parties also work great for retirement parties. Center the entire party around the sport. For example, you can host the party on a golf course or play mini golf.

You’ll find golf-themed invitations at any party store or online, or you can make your own. Ask guests to dress as their favorite golf pros, like Tiger Woods. Partygoers may also dress as golfers and caddies with a beret, a vest or sweater, knickers, and golf clubs.

Set up a mini putt course or play golf games. Decorate the party space with golf-themed decorations, including Mylar balloons, centerpieces, cutouts, posters, and banners. If you’re handing out goodie bags, consider golf balls, golf towels, inflatable golf clubs, gold luggage tags in goodie bags, and candy.

Feed hungry golfers mini sandwiches; egg rolls; veggies and dip; cheese and crackers; barbecue; and golf-ball-shaped cookies. Use putting greens as placemats and use golf-theme plates, napkins, cups, and table covers.

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