Sports Theme

Tennis Party Theme

Celebrate the love of tennis with a tennis-themed party. Invite fellow tennis enthusiasts with tennis ball-shaped invitations, which you can make by cutting circle shapes out of yellow construction paper and using white paint to paint the lines on a tennis ball. You can also send racquets, or opt for traditional paper invitations in the tennis theme.

Encourage guests to dress in tennis athletic gear. This includes a visor, wristbands, tennis skirts or shorts, tennis shoes, and rackets. You can also dress as a famous tennis player by printing off a photo and making a mask.
Host the party on a tennis court if possible. Decorate with yellow and white streamers, garlands, and solid color balloons. Blow up tennis ball Mylar balloons and use photos of famous tennis players as decorations. For great photo opportunities, buy large cutouts of famous players such as Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, and the Williams sisters.

Pass the time by watching tennis matches on a big screen or get in on the action with a tennis tournament. If you own a Wii game console, play Wii tennis tournaments. Give away paddle balls, tennis balls, and rackets as party favors or as prizes for winning a match.  Other party favor ideas include mini tennis trophies.

Everything about the party should match the tennis theme, including the tableware. Buy a tennis-themed table cover, or make your own by pasting tennis ball images onto a solid color table cover. Paste tennis ball and racket stickers on the table covers and use tennis-themed plates, napkins, cups, and party favors. Also add tennis balls to your flower-arrangement centerpiece, and place tennis theme toppers on your cake.
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